Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Traditions: Part 3

This Christmas will be my first Christmas away from home. I guess that means I'm growing up, and I'm excited to make my own, new traditions, but I'm still a little nostalgic about Christmas in Montana. Typically, my family does the "alternating years" thing for holidays between both sides, but when it comes to Christmas, every side of the family gets their turn. What does this mean for me? 3 different "Christmas" celebrations with distinct traditions at each.

Part 3: Christmas on the Farm

My family's 3rd and final Christmas celebration of the season is with my mom's family on the farm.

It's about as storybook-esque as it can get, in my opinion. We do go over a river once or twice, but there are no woods on the way to the farm, just lots and lots of snow covered fields.

My mom comes from a big Catholic family- she has seven brothers and sisters, some of whom are also married and have kids. Each year, nearly the entire family comes home for Christmas. My grandparents have a fair sized house, but when that many people converge, it's like a very cozy and comforting chaos.
Only 1/2 the Crowd......
Everybody in that family likes to cook or likes to eat. If there is anywhere the food=love equation applies, it is at Christmas on the farm. The progression of food throughout the day goes like this. First, the entire kitchen table is covered in appetizers. Then, Christmas lunch begins which includes Christmas goose, ham, and pretty much every staple of holiday food you could imagine and more. Then after presents, the desserts are brought out, and they too, cover the entire kitchen table.
Actual Picture of the Dessert Madness
Christmas at the farm is probably my favorite of all 3 because I usually get to see aunts and uncles that I haven't seen all year, and the amount of love in that family is SO obvious. Even in their more golden years, my grandparents still garner a lot of respect and love from all of their children and grandchildren.

There isn't a lot of heritage or even tradition unless you count what dessert everybody is famous for, but it's meaningful in a very special way. When we finally pack up our things and leave to head back home, it's always well past dark, and as we pull out of the long driveway, there is always a giant wooden candle lit up with Christmas lights reminding us of the hope and guidance that the birth of Christ brings for us Christians.

Happy holidays to all!


  1. Looks like a wonderful tradition! Hope you're enjoying some new traditions this year. Merry Christmas Lindsay!

  2. I am catching up with blogs post-Christmas and loved reading about your family traditions. It almost made me homesick! And it definitely made me sad that Christmas is over for another year. Hope you had a Merry one despite it being a little different.