Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Media from Medtronic

Nearly 3 months ago, I had the privilege of going to the Twin Cities to run the TC 10-Mile Race as a Medtronic Global Hero. While we were there, they took interviews, professional photos by Living Room Studios, etc. I've been patiently waiting the arrival of the photos, but little did I know that I would get a barely tardy Christmas present from them. On my doorstep today was a big envelope with prints, a CD of the photos, a DVD of promotional material that they compiled of us, and a DVD of the local news coverage that featured one of the other global heroes. I know, I know. My ego can barely fit in my apartment right now. Indulge me, and allow me to show you some of the awesome photos and videos that were made. (I'd just like to point out that in the photos, I was told not to smile, which is why I look just a little weird, but I just don't think he understood. I am a smiley person, and I think there was barely a moment of that weekend where I was not beaming from ear to ear....). Anyways, ta-da:

The 2011 Medtronic Global Heroes

Yes, I win the award for palest legs. I blame Seattle.

Below are the 2 promotional videos Medtronic put together with footage filmed over the weekend.


  1. Those running photos are awesome! And you and I could probably do smack-down on who has the palest legs. I'm naturally gifted that way. :^)

  2. @Terzah, Thanks! :) I kind of want to be a running model now, lol....

    Not sure that's a competition I'd want to win. I've seen paler legs but very few. Sadly, my legs still had a really great cycling tan when these photos were taken. I feel sorry for the people who see me out running now. Get your sunglasses out!

  3. Hi from Pullman! I found your blog from the Holiday 10k recaps. :)